Bruce {EVangel} Parmenter's S-10 Blazer conversion Electric Vehicle (EV)
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Original 120V design

Photo taken at first battery change (1995). 20 T-125's, 8 in front rack and 12 in the rear box. Curtis Controller had been replaced by an Auburn C600 controller. 9" Advanced DC motor shown under front battery rack. 120 VDC system with 120 VDC to 12 VDC converter and two 12 VDC solar panels (in the hood) keeping 12V aux battery charged. Large onboard 2 kw Bycan charger (heavy). Range 40 miles at 55 mph Full recharge 8 hours at 20 amps using a 120 VAC 30 amp outlet. Converted weight: 4,400

My 1985 S-10 Blazer after it's conversion by Solar Electric Car (1992). 

On a friend's advice, I went to a auto dismantler for my donor chassis. My ICE-less chassis was $2,400 verses $9,000 for a vehicle where I would have to remove the ICE. I had an ICE-less vehicle made out of 5 vehicles. The body from one, the front end from another, the transmission ... etc. So, the body might have the 4x4 logo, but it is really 2 wheel drive. 

I choose a Blazer because of my stature. I am 6'6" 260 lbs. My son is 6'4". We need our kind of 'normal size' vehicle. When I took Mike Brown's course on EV conversion, while informative, he did not think such a large vehicle was right for a conversion. But persisted. I approached Solar Electric (now unavailable) and they quoted me a 35 mile range. With a new pack I got 45 miles at 55 mph 

At the time that was more than I needed. The 120V design suited my needs fine for years. It got me to where I needed to go, and I was doing quite a few Events even then.

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1985 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer
Blazer and friends 21.3 k jpg Front View 32.2 k jpg
in 2002 in 1997 in 1992
Owner: Bruce {EVangel} Parmenter, EVLN Editor
Location: Redwood City, California, USA
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Base Vehicle: 1985 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, 2 door
Motor: Advanced DC 9" FB1-4001A
Drivetrain: Original 4 speed transmission with clutch,  lowest differential ratio
Controller: Auburn C600-144 "Kodiak" 
Batteries: 22 US145's  (5 boxes: of 2 in front, rear is a box with 12 plus 2 1 battery side boxes). 12V aux. (small garden tractor type) 
System Voltage: 132 Pack Volts, 12 Aux. Volts (radio, lights, etc.) 
  • one Zivan NG3 (220 VAC)
  • four Zivan K2 (two 220 VAC, two 120 VAC)
  • one bad boy (switchable from full wave/off/halfwave, 120 VAC)

With all chargers on, delivers 100 amps DC into pack, for a
rapid 1.5 hour recharge time. *Soon to have a PFC-50 charger

Heater: Russco: heated liquid using Original heater core (draws 20 amps off pack)
DC/DC Converter: Sevcon, switchable from dash (on when key is on)
Instrumentation: Cruising Equipment: voltage-current- amp/hrs, all in one
Top Speed: 75 mph (but optimized for 55 mph)
Range: 55 miles @ 55 mph using Mike Slominski throttle control
Seating Capacity: 5 adults (2 front, 3 rear)
Curb Weight: 5000 pounds (without driver)
Tires: Goodyear Invicta GLR 14" (42 psi front, 45 psi rear)
Additional Features: - Throttle control by Mike's Auto Care
- 12 VDC Solar panels on hood
- 2
battery pulsers
- Plate heaters for each battery.